Cisco Work Group Bridge Process

Work Group Bridges (WGB) are used in Radiology, Cardiology Imaging, and Telemedicine for nomadic systems from Avaya, GE, and Phillips (for example). These systems do not have an integrated wireless NIC option. The department workflows require wireless service to reduce inconvenience to patients of moving their beds from a diagnostic room to an imaging room. … More Cisco Work Group Bridge Process

Wireless Contention Zones: WiFi Hooey? OR Slicker Than Frog Snot?

The idea was proposed on Twitter of wireless “Contention Zones”. A wireless “Contention Zone” is the purposeful channel design grouping access points (AP) configured for the same channel in close proximity. The 802.11 (WiFi) protocol uses several mechanisms to determine if the frequency is clear for a transmission opportunity (TxOp) or if the AP station … More Wireless Contention Zones: WiFi Hooey? OR Slicker Than Frog Snot?

Hardened Behavioral Psychiatric Rooms

The Behavioral Psychology Rooms are hardened construction to prevent patients from possibly harming themselves or others. The rooms have to go through a certification process which limits the placement and design for wireless access points (AP). The construction of the room is hardened in the following ways: Ceiling is drywall plus 20 gauge sheet metal. … More Hardened Behavioral Psychiatric Rooms

Channel Utilization Report In Cisco Prime 2.2

Channel Utilization is a statistic to represent the airtime utilization of a particular frequency or channel. The higher the Channel Utilization the more traffic is being transmitted and (hopefully received and demodulated!). There are several ways to see Channel Utilization in the AP, WLC, and Prime. WifiNigel has a very good article that shows many … More Channel Utilization Report In Cisco Prime 2.2

Bad WiFi? Check the Client

While doing wireless engineering work for a large hospital system, a problem added to my radar. The workstations on wheels (WOWs) were intermittently disconnecting from the wireless network. The client electronic medical records (EMR) application session would disconnect. The WOWs used an external USB wireless dongle. Specifically the ASUS USB-AC56. This dongle on the manufacture’s … More Bad WiFi? Check the Client

Cisco AirProvision Issue with UX Access Points

“Never, Never, Never give up.” – Winston Churchill A year ago I ordered a group of Cisco access points. I received 20 AIR-AP3702I-UXK9. Not looking too close, I plugged it up and….nothing. After doing a quick research, I learned that Cisco had shipped me a Cisco AP that could be configured for any regulatory domain … More Cisco AirProvision Issue with UX Access Points